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‘We love Tribes. We build Tribes. Strong Tribes. Living communities. We Connect people. We empower Chiefs. We cut the crap. We contribute to our Earth. We challenge the status quo. Everyday.’

There’s barely a problem that a modern company faces today that hasn’t already been encountered and solved over the course of 50,000 years of human history. By applying the wisdom of social anthropology to the workplace, we help leaders to create strong organizational cultures.

In our books, keynotes and master classes, we talk about how to build strong tribes, safe for diversity and ready for change. About tribal leadership, ranking, decision-making, cultural differences, the power of rituals, the liminal stages of change. We look at organizations as living communities, with chiefs, official meeting spots and alleys where the real stories are shared and deals are made.

Travel with us and you’ll never look at your organization the same way again.

Jitske Kramer

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The Culture Academy

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Corporate Anthropology

Corporate Antropologie

Tribes & Change

Leergang Organisatiecultuur

Corporate Rhythms

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Deep Democracy

Deep Democracy Training

Power of Rituals

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